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Because of the fact that this is a very controversial issue in the United States, it is very important that most questions be addressed. Questions like, why is a teenage girl in Mississippi four times as likely to give birth as a teenage girl in New Hampshire? Or why is the teen birth rate in Massachusetts This paper will talk about teenage pregnancy, statistics, ways to prevent teenage pregnancy, and after birth options.

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So why is teenage pregnancy so important? Some people are concerned about teens getting pregnant at such an early age.


Teenage Pregnancy Essay Words 3 Pages. Teenage Pregnancy "Over one million teenage girls become pregnant each year. In the next 24 hours, about 3, girls will become pregnant. These are incredible statistics when you consider that there are only 31 million females. The United States has the highest adolescent pregnancy rate in the developed world. As statistics show one in nine women between the ages of 15 through 19 become pregnant each year.

Also, every 26 seconds a teenage girl becomes pregnant and every 56 seconds a child of a teenage mother is born. A child born to a single teenage mother is much less likely to …show more content…. By having all these new problems to deal with without a fully developed maturity the mother can also suffer from emotional and mental stagnation. Her peers may reject her as society deems teenage pregnancy unacceptable. She may feel humiliated and ashamed after her pregnancy begins to show, so then she refuses to finish school and as a result she lessens her ability to effectively raise her child.

When teenage mother are pregnant, they are the least likely of all maternal age groups to get early and regular prenatal care. There are many teen mothers who receive late or no prenatal care at all. After giving birth, the majority of girls drop out of school in order to care of the baby. If there is no one else to share the endless amount of work, she must assume full responsibility.

She may be forced to pursue employment with a minimal of earning potential due to her lack of education. This scenario tends to breed an unstable and financially insecure parent, and the child may also suffer from neglect by the constantly working mother. The teenage social experience is a fundamental stage of development.

How a teenager develops socially dictates how effective she will be as an adult. Through interaction with peers, a teenager learns about herself. This is an important period of time to construct personal identity. If this period is cut short, she will not be competent to meet the challenges that come with raising a child. Teenagers also tend have poor eating. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays. Additional Student Resources. The class text clearly ascribes to the idea that sociology and the study thereof should be used to effect positive change and that it should be based on critical thinking and analysis.

Using these tools and this logic, it is clear what must be done to drive teen pregnancy even lower, especially in high-risk groups Leon-Guerrero, There are two major issues surrounding pregnancy that can put people in peril and that is having children too young and having children that the parent s cannot support. Both of these dynamics are much…… [Read More]. Are these shows really providing good information to teen girls -- as regards their lives and their sexual activities -- or do the shows simply "sugarcoat" challenges that pregnant teens face Sun, The reality of TV shows on pregnancy for teens It is possible the MTV shows like "Teen Mom" and "Teen Mom 2" and "16 and pregnant" are actually intended by the producers to warn teenage girls about the negative impacts of having babies while still in adolescence.

And the shows may be having that very impact, according…… [Read More]. Ending Teen Pregnancy Although Teen. Furthermore, abstinence-only programs have not been shown to have an appreciable impact on teen pregnancy rates Hunt. In fact, more and earlier safe-sex education appears to help reduce the number of teen pregnancies Hunt. However, the most effective existing approaches to preventing or reducing teen pregnancy seem to combine both abstinence and contraceptive usage.

One thing is clear: contraceptive use alone will not be enough to prevent teen pregnancy. While contraceptives are very successful in preventing pregnancy if used properly, they are also subject to a wide variety of user error. Furthermore, some researchers suggests that the recent decreases in teen pregnancy rates are not due to increased use of contraceptives alone, but also to an increased abstinence rate among teens Mohn.

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While encouraging teenage boys to engage in couple-like behaviors increases the likelihood that they will discuss contraception with their partners before engaging in sex for the first time,…… [Read More]. Condoms Prevent Teen Pregnancy Millions and billions of people who survive in this world are segregated into diverse cultures and civilizations with different sets of norms and values for living.

Amongst these culturally diverse people, numerous social issues exist.

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However, few of these social issues have emerged on a global platform, where scores of nations are confronting these issues on a mutual basis. One of the social dilemmas that have grabbed the public attention in the current times is teen pregnancy Feinstein, The social issue of teen pregnancy in the past few decades has become one of the escalating and serious social issues in many parts of the world, and United States is one of those nations.

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However, today, numerous options are available for the people of all ages teens as well as adults that can help them prevent the birth control or pregnancy. Condoms are one of the…… [Read More]. Consequences of Teen Pregnancy to. Additionally, the more important impacts at the level of the children of adolescent mothers are represented by the "shorter and longer term impact […], especially in terms of their physical and emotional development" Arai, At the level of their own behavior, the children of adolescent mothers are more likely to develop aggressive manners of conduct, and they will also have a higher degree of developing cognitive difficulties.

They also reveal higher rates of high school drop out 77 per cent graduation rate for children of teen parents as opposed to 89 per cent graduation rate for children of more mature women and the crime rates among this population of youth from adolescent mothers is higher than the crime rate among youth from older mothers -- Aside from the child and the mother,…… [Read More]. Reducing Teen Pregnancy -- Educational.

For that reason, the approach to sexual education of teenagers recommended instead of one-dimensional focus on discouraging sexuality altogether must include three main elements: 1 sexual development and reproduction; 2 contraception and birth control; and 3 relationships. Furthermore, this resource argues that sexual education should begin before puberty and before teenagers begin to experiment sexually and develop habits that are more difficult to address after the fact.

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Likewise, the resource suggests that information about appropriate sexual behavior and intimate relationships should come from more than a single source such as school-based educational programs. In that regard, parents and counselors should also contribute to the development of healthy attitudes and beliefs about sexual expression. Finally, the resource presents evidence to discount the unwarranted fear that early exposure to these concepts might encourage earlier sexual experimentation than would occur without it.

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Usefulness to Project This resource was tremendously useful to this project…… [Read More]. Pregnant Adolescents Teen Pregnancy Is. Medical doctors, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners, and Registered Nurses teach, assist and monitor the young women and their babies, daily. This includes information regarding the benefits of breastfeeding, instructional assistance and support once the baby arrives.

Family planning and birth control information are presented to students for future planning to help prevent future unplanned pregnancies. A omen, Infants and Children IC clinic also provides students with nutritional information during their pregnancy and after the baby is born "Medical Component". Conclusion: The rising rates of teen pregnancy, in the state of Kentucky, is a serious concern.

These teens have a more difficult time continuing their education with the added challenges of pregnancy and motherhood. Teen Pregnancy in the United. Abortion trends varied widely by state as well. By contrast, teenagers in South Dakota 6 per 1, , Utah, Kentucky, Nebraska and North Dakota all had abortion rates of eight or fewer per 1, women aged 15 -- It is important to keep in mind that teenage abortion rates may reflect multiple issues. First, they may reflect that teenager's own personal beliefs and desire to raise a baby.

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However, they may also reflect prevailing societal norms in that geographic area, which can make it difficult, and even practically impossible, for pregnant teenagers to obtain abortions. Portrayal in popular culture Perhaps one of the most alarming things about teen pregnancy is that it is receiving more…… [Read More]. Teen Pregnancy it Is Now. Moreover, an 'abstinence-only' education program is sometimes perceived by teenagers as providing one-sided and medically inaccurate information.

Studies by Kirby, and Huberman, quoted in "educing Teenage Pregnancy" shift in attitudes towards teenage sexuality must occur in the U. To facilitate the development of appropriate policies and programs to reduce teenage pregnancy. Presently, sexual activity, rather than the pregnancies that can result from it, is seen as the problem requiring intervention. Teaching young people that premarital sex is a moral failure does not prevent pregnancy -- studies show that those with fearful and negative attitudes about sexuality are less likely to use contraception when they have sex than those who believe they have a right to decide to have sex eiss, It is, therefore, important to have a more comprehensive program of sexual education for teenagers that gives due recognition to the fact that sexual expression is a…… [Read More].

Teen Pregnancy -- Boston MA. One of the consequences of a lack of full and complete information to youth actually causes self-imposed ignorance of their own safety. If adolescents do not get the proper education on protecting themselves from STDs, it is unlikely they will get much beyond playground rumor.

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  4. In several reviews conducted by the U. Surgeon General and by the Committee of HIV Prevention, abstinence only programs have little to no effect on the sexual behavior of adolescents "Abstinence".