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To fully discuss this theme it is best if you break it down into two or three sub-topics. What topics would you use to better discuss your answer from above? If a student is asked towrite about East Asia and includes Vietnam, a Southeast Asian country in the essay, theessay could be invalid.

Or if a prompt specifies Southwest Asia and a student includesIndia, a country of South Asia it will change the focus of the essay. All compare andcontrast essays specify geographic or cultural regions that a student should use. But that is not all. Students need to know that the College Board oftenalternates between asking for a cultural region such as Latin America and a physicalregion such as Southeast Asia. A student needs to be careful not to confuse the two types ofregions.

Additionally regions change over time, which students are required to know. Andstudents need to know at least two countries within the region. If you are not sure, pleaseconsult the map in the AP World History course guide and a map of modern countries. What regions does the above prompt ask you to use? Identify at least two major countries in each region? If the essay prompt asks a student to use Sub-Saharan Africa, what smaller regions exist within this broad term? What major countries could you use to support a thesis about Latin America but not the Americas? If the prompt asks you to use the Southwest Asia, what countries would qualify for this essay?

Does this differ from saying Southwest Asia and North Africa? Most textbooks speak of the West while also identifying a region called Western Europe?

AP World History Compare and Contrast Visual Essay

How do the two differ? What countries might you include in the West but not Western Europe? When speaking of Eastern Europe, what major historical states should you remember to discuss? Please note that this thesis contains themes specified in the prompt empirebuilding , two regions Rome and Han China , at least one comparison there are two andat least one difference, and the time period.

Please note that is critical to include the timeperiod because without it an essay might not be historical valid. It is best in the thesis statement to make at least two significant and direct comparisons —one should be a similar and one a difference if the prompt asks you to compare. A student must qualify the prompt by fleshing it outin detail. A thesis may constitute two sentences but they must be next to each other. Use the following prompt to assist with these exercises.

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Africa and The Americas? Students must earn all points of the Basic Core before earning points of theExpanded Core. No matter how sophisticated an essay is if a student misses on indicator ofthe Basic Core, he or she cannot earn points of the Expanded Core. Some teachers teach students to write a simple thesis sentence. While it is true that a singlesentence can earn the thesis indicator point on the rubric, good teachers and good studentsdemand a higher level or performance. In AP World History, teach the student to write athesis or introduction paragraph.

The introduction paragraph is the single most important paragraph you will write; thesecond most important is the first body paragraph.

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These two contain the first ideas andproofs a grader will read. The quality or lack of quality of these sentences can prejudice areader about your whole essay. Introduction paragraphs need contain only two sentences —a hook and a thesis sentence. But hook sentences or historical introductions add color andare the attention grabbers that start an essay. They most resemble newspaper headlines. Athesis paragraph usually begins with a historical introduction. Students should tell thehistory of the topic and region leading up to their thesis statement.

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One student in particular, in her essay on who would win a war between Sparta andAthens used this hook and thesis: Once upon a time two boys were born in Ancient Greece. One was born in Athens and given a quill, a scroll and sent off to gymnasium; the other born in Sparta was given a sword and shield and sent off to army camp. After BCE the Roman Republic began the imperial process by conquering neighboring lands and peoples and settling colonies across the Mediterranean; on the other hand, the Han Chinese inherited the ruling philosophy of Legalism and borders of China from the Qin Dynasty.

While both the Classical Roman and Han Empires centralized power and militarily expanded their frontiers, the Roman Empire did not utilize a political philosophy to structure and rule their empire while the Han Emperors used a blend of Legalism and Confucianism.

Ap World History Compare and Contrast Essay Indian Ocean Trade vs. Silk Road

The AmericasBased on the essay prompt, can you think of some creative and interesting hooks orhistorical introductions about Post-Classical Women? Please write two below. They should not be cryptic ordifficult to understand. Using the thesis sentences and the hooks you wrote above, write outtwo introductory paragraphs. Do not create two paragraphs solely on the two geographic regions.

Nor is it quality writingto create one paragraph on similarities and one on differences. Maintain parallel order asarticulated in your thesis sentence. And each paragraph should have a detailed and specifictopic sentence.

The second paragraph or first body paragraph would discuss the similarities of centralizedpower in the Roman and Han Empires; the third paragraph would discuss the similaritiesof military expansion; and the last paragraph would deal with the differences between Hanand Roman political philosophies. Students must substantiate the thesis with appropriate historical evidence. It is not sufficientto make a statement without use of proof or evidence. Students should use evidence, whichis clear and detailed. In each paragraph, students should cite include key vocabulary, dates,historical events, persons, trends, and occurrences.

The simplest formula is to have one factper comparison category; if the paragraph is on centralized power in the Roman and HanEmpires, your paragraph should have at least one piece of evidence on Roman and one onHan. More is always warranted AND use comparative vocabulary. He controlled the military, oversaw the appointment of governors and their operations and appointed members to the Senate. Both dispatched embassies and received ambassadors, and commanded armies in battle. However, the Han centralization differed from the Romans in that the Han had a professional bureaucracy answerable to the emperor and a more secure idea of dynastic succession; in Rome bureaucrats often came from the Roman elite or the military and their loyalty was questionable.

Their primary concerns were not to the state or emperor but personal aggrandizement or future glory and rank. Additionally, for the years of Han rule with the single exception of the rule of Wang Mang, all emperors came from the same dynasty unlike Rome where Augustus and his successors never clearly established a method for picking the next emperor and dynasties changed regularly. Emperors were often made by the revolt of legions or through complex deals between contenders.

Students should organize their essays by grouping in a relevant manner.

Ap World Compare and Contrast Essay

The acronymP. Within the groups, the student should compare and contrast the two civilizations. They setup directed comparisons. Often students fail to make direct comparisons or contrasts. Oneof the simplest ways is to use vocabulary which sets it up. Roman emperors were often made by the revolt of legions or through complex deals between contenders. Remember: the analysis pointmust begin with a direct comparison and explain why the similarity or difference arose oroccurred.

Such a construction could be: France and Mali both had decentralized political structures yet for different reasons. France had to give local nobles power in order to repel Vikings and to halt invasions. Paris and the king were too distant to respond to local problems immediately and swiftly. Had power not been granted locally, France could have been destroyed in the early Post-Classical Age.